Burgerbelangen Amstelveen (bbA) was founded in May 1993, by a.o. Linda Roos as a local (Amstelveen) political party.
Ever since, bbA has been the independent political voice of the Amstelveen community – unaffiliated with national parties. Inherent in its name, Burgerbelangen Amstelveen focuses on its main goal: standing up for the interests (belangen) of Amstelveen and its citizens (burgers).
During the twenty-five years of membership of the Amstelveen city council and eight years of participation in the municipal board of Major & Aldermen, Burgerbelangen Amstelveen has proven to be a very stable, reliable, constant and positive factor in the Amstelveen community.
By being independent of any national political party’s programme, bbA can completely focus on local needs, much more than any other party.

Burgerbelangen Amstelveen concentrates its’ efforts on:
– A sustainable Amstelveen, with good housing and living conditions for all of its citizens
– A public transport network of excellent quality and available to everyone
– Excellent sport facilities
– A varied cultural programme and last but not least
– Protection of historical buildings, parks and other cultural heritage.

The main focus areas of Burgerbelangen Amstelveen are:

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